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The Six DaaS Ps that you Should Never Forget.

The cloud is hardly a new computing model. Most people have been using the cloud on some level for years. However, the acceleration to remote working has businesses rushing to find out which cloud solution and cloud hosting provider are the right fit for what they’re trying to achieve.

After dozens of conversations with business owners who have explored migrating to the cloud, many of whom decided to make the jump, we realized that the value of our Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution can be summed up in six Ps – productivity, performance, protection, process, pricing, and peace of mind.

1) Productivity

The biggest fear about remote working is that employees won’t be as productive as they are in the office. If they’re connecting to your network through a VPN, that might be true. VPN connections are slow and unreliable and functionality is limited. VPNs just weren’t designed to support entire teams working from home full-time.

Research has shown that people can be more productive working remotely, but they need the right tools. Our DaaS solution gives you access to the exact same desktop environment, regardless of where you’re working. You’ll have a direct connection to your cloud environment, which means your connection will be faster and more reliable. If you want to add users, capacity, or functionality, just give us a call and we’ll make sure your team is firing on all cylinders.

2) Performance

With DaaS, you’ll have the power, speed, and memory to satisfy any business requirement, whether you’re using traditional business applications like Salesforce, QuickBooks, and the Microsoft 365 suite, or compute-intensive, graphic-heavy apps like AutoCAD. The resources of the cloud are virtually infinite and easily scalable, so our DaaS solution can grow with your business.

3) Protection

Security was a major concern during the early days of the cloud. That’s no longer the case. The Microsoft cloud is monitored and protected by the latest security tools and a team of more than 3,500 highly trained security professionals. Our DaaS solution includes anti-virus, Advanced Spam Filter with encryption for email, data center redundancy, data backup, and disaster recovery, all included in your per-user monthly fee.

4) Process

Cloud migration doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that requires careful planning and communication. Our team of cloud migration specialists will walk you through the process, coordinate with software vendors, and seamlessly move your data and applications to the cloud without disrupting business operations. We can also train your users so they can access cloud resources confidently and securely. For current Managed Services IT customers, we’ll waive all migration costs, saving you up to $10,000.

5) Pricing

Most cloud hosting providers will charge you separately for hosting and support. For example, you’ll pay one fee for Windows 10 desktops, Microsoft 365, security, and backup, and another fee for IT and help desk support. If you want onsite support, you should expect to pay a site fee and an hourly rate to have the issue resolved.

Managed Services IT’s DaaS solution includes all cloud hosting services and support services in one all-inclusive per-user fee. This monthly fee includes onsite “boots on the ground” support at each of your business locations. Our pricing model makes IT costs more predictable and efficient.

6) Peace of Mind

Everything we’ve just discussed – productivity, performance, protection, process, and pricing – gives you more peace of mind. We’ve gone to great lengths to remove the uncertainty and confusion from cloud migration so you can focus on running and growing your business. After all, technology should make your life easier. That’s exactly what our DaaS solution is designed to do.

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