Remote Support
For Your Entire Network

Managed Workstation

Instead of assigning a single employee the added responsibility of resolving all of the varying computer issues for their entire staff, many businesses choose to outsource these challenges to a professional provider of managed IT services and business solutions. Whether the organization uses PCs, MACs, or a combination of operating systems, our IT company in Philadelphia can provide remote support to an entire network of centrally managed computers for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, and in much less time.

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    By hiring a professional in Workstation Management

    Asking an individual employee to travel from computer to computer to install anti-virus protection updates, manage IP addresses, or perform system updates on multiple forms of software can be a huge waste of company resources. Wouldn’t this employee serve a much better purpose than performing such trivial tasks? Even if the in-house tech spends only 5 minutes per station walking from one desk to another while waiting for the other employees to log out of their computers, think of all the time and money wasted. With Managed Workstation Services by a reliable from our IT company in Philadelphia, organizations benefit from a process that often takes place remotely. Managed Workstation Services can:

    Help set up email accounts for new employees.
    Install or update all forms of anti-virus protection software.
    Perform operating systems updates remotely.
    Schedule your computer maintenance before or after business hours to avoid disruptions in employee workflow.
    Gain control and predictability over your IT budgetary issues through competitive pricing plans on a monthly basis.
    Reconfigure individual computers with new or revised IP addresses.
    Deliver and install new software or software updates throughout the office simultaneously.
    Take advantage of a support team that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.
    Have access to a team of specialists for on-site technical support and problem solving when needed.
    Benefit from a system-wide evaluation by an IT expert to ensure that your company receives the most value from your existing IT infrastructure.

    Maintaining a network of workstations requires a consistent attention to detail.

    Without it, individual computers run more slowly, productivity decreases, and systems eventually crash. For organizations that ask a staff member to perform double-duty by acting as the part-time IT technician, now you have two employees temporarily distracted from their day-to-day activities instead of one. Be proactive. Ask about our variety of Philadelphia managed IT services and business solutions today!

    Managed Server

    To keep labor costs in check and improve network efficiency, many businesses are now choosing a reliable and experienced managed server provider to monitor the IT infrastructure. By hiring a team of remote specialists rather than an in-house employee, organizations save money while also keeping their information infinitely safer, more secure, and easily accessible around the clock. Our IT company in Philadelphia will keep tabs on your corporate IT infrastructure to troubleshoot and remediate issues immediately while eliminating the risks of potential system-wide crashes.

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      By hiring a professional in Server Management

      In many cases, we can solve these problems remotely to eliminate the need to server downtime. On those rare occasions where the issue requires an on-site visit from an expert technician, we also offer rapid response rates as part of our monthly service packages. From computer systems installation and integration to the management of regularly scheduled backup systems, we will design a managed server package that fits the unique needs of your business.

      Get an experienced team of IT experts who are always readily available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week.
      Gain increased security of company data through professionally managed data deduplication, data encryption, server backup, tape backup, disk backup, and cloud-based storage solutions.
      Always have the best storage solution in place that fits your budget, performance requirements, and business needs.
      Gain control and predictability over your IT budgetary issues through competitive pricing plans on a monthly basis.
      Have access to a team of specialists for on-site technical support and problem solving.
      Generate a disaster recovery plan for unforeseen catastrophes that can completely disable a company network.
      Benefit from a managed server package that is easily scalable to expand and grow along with your business.

      A company’s online presence is critical.

      The efficiency of the IT infrastructure not only affects the productivity and profitability of your company, it also has an impact on your customers, vendors, and contractors. By leveraging the expertise of a team of experts in nearly every field of IT, companies are no longer dependent on in-house employees who might leave the organization at any time. For more information on our wide range of managed server packages, Contact us Today!

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