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With more people than ever working remotely, you need simplicity on all fronts to stay productive – simple, easy-to-use technology solutions and simple, predictable pricing. That’s why we’ve developed a new cloud service delivery model that combines Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) cloud hosting and support, including “boots on the ground” support at your facility, for a single, per-user fee.

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    Cloud Hosting Services

    • Windows 10 desktops using DaaS (for non-graphical users)
    • GPU-enabled Windows 10 desktops using DaaS (for graphical users)
    • Microsoft 365 E3 license (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint,OneDrive, Teams)
    • One email account per cloud user
    • 24/7 monitoring and reporting for the cloud environment
    • Anti-virus for cloud sessions
    • Advanced Spam Filter (ASF) with encryption for email
    • Data center redundancy
    • Remote IT support for the cloud environment

    Support Services

    • Remote support for all local IT issues
    • Boots on the ground” onsite IT support at each client location
    • 24/7 help desk support for one physical device per cloud userIT support for all applications

    ** Special Offer for New and Existing MSIT Clients **

    When you sign up for our DaaS platform, we’ll waive your cloud migration costs, saving you on average $7,500-$10,000! We’ll also provide free training from a certified IT trainer!

    Some migration costs may not be covered. All discounts will be finalized and reviewed  with you after we audit your migration needs.

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    DaaS Cloud Environment & IT Support

    Cloud providers typically charge separate fees for cloud hosting services and support services. If you want onsite support, you’ll probably pay an additional site fee plus an hourly rate. Managed Services IT is simplifying the cloud by offering a comprehensive cloud solution that includes both the DaaS cloud environment and support for one all-inclusive per-user price.

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    The Cloud is a Faster, More Reliable Alternative to VPN

    Remote working has gone mainstream. As companies set up staff to work remotely, many have learned the hard way that their VPN wasn’t designed to support all employees working from home, full-time. As a managed IT services provider and cloud hosting provider, we’ve heard every VPN complaint you could imagine.

    • “My VPN is slow.”
    • “My applications run slow over VPN.”
    • “I keep getting disconnected over VPN.”
    • “I can’t print locally on my VPN.”
    • “It takes forever to connect with my VPN, if I can connect at all.”

    When you migrate to the cloud and use our DaaS solution, your team will have a direct connection to resources in the cloud environment, which translates to faster speeds and more reliable connections. Users see the same Windows 10 environment when working remotely as they see in the office, with the same applications, capabilities, and customization options. Our DaaS platform offers built-in security, server redundancy, and plenty of performance for even the most compute-intensive applications, including AutoCAD.

    No More Managing and Supporting Technology

    The cloud allows you relinquish the role of technology caretaker so you can focus on tasks that deliver value to your organization. Instead of making major capital investments in equipment every few years, you access the cloud-based infrastructure of a cloud provider, who is responsible for managing, maintaining, upgrading, and securing that technology.

    Managed Services IT also relieves you of firefighting duties. With remote IT support, “boots on the ground” onsite IT support at each client location, and 24×7 help desk support, you can stop putting out fires and let our team handle support requests without paying additional fees.

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